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Design Center Leasing – A Hybrid Approach

By Richard J. Sobelsohn Richard J. Sobelsohn is vice-president/legal with Cohen Brothers Realty Corporation in New York, New York, an adjunct professor of law at Brooklyn, Cardozo, Fordham, and New York Law Schools, and chair of the Economics, Technology and Practice Methods Committee.   When discussing the nuanced leasing for design centers, one must first […]

FinCEN Extension & Update

FinCEN has extended the Geographic Targeting Order (GTO) which expired on August 22, 2017. The extended GTO is effective September 22, 2017 and expires March 20, 2018. The definition of a Covered Transaction remains the same except that, pursuant to Section II(A)(2)(iv) of the GTO a purchase made, at least in part, using currency or a […]

New CLE Requirements Announced

The New York State CLE Board has announced the following changes in CLE requirements: 1)  Effective January 1, 2018, a new category of CLE credit in New York: “Diversity, Inclusion and Elimination of Bias” will become effective.  You may view the definition of the new category of credit and a related Provider FAQ at: http://www.nycourts.gov/attorneys/cle/Eff-010118-NewCategoryCLE-Credit.pdf 2)  Experienced […]

NYS Department of Finance Proposed Regulation 208

The New York State Department of Financial Services (DFS) has proposed legislation that, if enacted, will have a major impact on services provided by The New York State title industry. Proposed Insurance Regulation 208 includes the elimination of title company marketing expenditures, substantially reduces ancillary fees associated with the production and processing of title applications, […]

A Contemporary Guide for Buyers & Sellers

by Louis Petralia Choosing the right guides is key to a successful real estate transaction. Guides include a licensed real estate agent, real estate attorney, as well as a loan officer and a licensed home inspector for a buyer.    Select competent, experienced professionals familiar with local practice and neighborhoods.  Choose a person, not a company […]

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